Kaizen Media

Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern all services provided by Kaizen Media. All work conducted by Kaizen Media assumes that the client (you) has agreed to the Terms and Conditions of Kaizen Media.

Project Agreements

During the proposal stage, Kaizen Media will provide the client with a written estimate or quotation via email. The client may confirm their acceptance of the quotation via email, indicating their agreement with our service terms and conditions.


Payments can be made through online transfer, details of which are provided in the initial contract for services and on all invoices. For ongoing monthly services, the client will receive an invoice via email, which must be settled within 30 days from the invoice date unless otherwise specified in writing by Kaizen Media. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required before commencing a project, be it one-time or an ad hoc service, with the remaining 50% due on an agreed date set out in the contract for services.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions and Project

By placing an order for a service offered by Kaizen Media via email, verbal agreement, or written communication, you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions, available at www.kaizenmedia.ie. Confirmation of an estimate, either verbally or in writing, constitutes acceptance of the estimate or quotation and agreement to fully comply with all terms and conditions, forming a contractual agreement between the client and Kaizen Media.

Cancellation and Termination

Cancellation of monthly services requires one month’s written notice. The client will be invoiced for work completed before cancellation, with the balance due within 30 days. Kaizen Media reserves the right to terminate the agreement at any time, with all fees paid by the client to date being non-refundable. If an invoice is not paid within 30 days of the due date or the agreed-upon timeframe, Kaizen Media may suspend further work and charge the client for time spent on the project, at rates up to €75 per hour, plus a project cancellation fee of up to 50% of the remaining fees under the agreement.

Liability and Damages

Kaizen Media provides no warranties, express or implied, for products and services supplied and will not be liable for any damages resulting from these products and services. Kaizen Media is not responsible for data loss, non-delivery of products or services, or any consequential losses. Any claims against Kaizen Media are limited to the relevant fees paid by the client.

Subcontractors and Other Services

Kaizen Media may use subcontractors, agents, and suppliers, and their services are subject to their own Terms and Conditions. The client agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Kaizen Media assumes no liability for services, entities, or services developed by entities other than Kaizen Media.

Third-Party services and payments:

Any fees owed to third-party services such as the renewal of domains are the client’s responsibility. Kaizen Media is not liable for these payments. Kaizen Media is not responsible for any issues or cancellations with digital services that pertain to the client’s non-payment of any third-party services. We strongly encourage our clients to become familiar with such processes and services. During the proposal stage, we will provide the required information and a demonstration if required.

Web Hosting

When changing web hosts or transitioning to a new website, there may be a period of service downtime (e.g., website or email access). Kaizen Media and its subcontractors will not be held accountable for this downtime or any potential loss of business or income resulting from it.

Ownership of Materials

By providing text, images, videos, and other files to Kaizen Media for use on the client’s website or other media, the client asserts that they possess the necessary copyright and trademark permissions. Materials provided by the client will remain their property, or the property of the rightful copyright or trademark owner. Any materials supplied or designed by Kaizen Media on behalf of the client will be the property of Kaizen Media and its suppliers. The client agrees to indemnify and hold Kaizen Media harmless from any claims arising due to the client’s failure to secure the required copyright, consent, and permissions.


Any design, copywriting, photography, ideas, or code created by Kaizen Media or its contractors for the client are licensed for one-time use only. Modification, reuse, or redistribution without the express written consent of Kaizen Media and relevant subcontractors is prohibited.

Search Engine Placement

Kaizen Media cannot guarantee specific placements on search engines due to the numerous factors involved in search engine algorithms.

Data Protection

All client information collected and supplied to Kaizen Media will be handled in compliance with data protection laws. The client is responsible for complying with the Data Protection Act regarding data collected and supplied by Kaizen Media. By supplying databases and personal information for digital marketing, the client asserts that they have obtained all necessary consent and permissions as required by Data Protection Law, indemnifying Kaizen Media from any resulting claims.