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We are Kaizen Media

Hi, I’m Eamonn and I am the owner of Kaizen Media. Kaizen Media has been helping businesses in Cork and all over Ireland for over 6 years now and I have loved every second of it.

A good relationship with my clients is a huge priority for me. I love getting results for my clients, but more so I enjoy doing it in an approachable and collaborative way. I personally enjoy large amounts a good coffee, live music and I am a self confessed car enthusiast.

We believe in doing things the right way

I believe that way you do things is just as important as the things you do. In choosing to work with Kaizen Media you are choosing a collaborative, streamlined process that puts you and your business at the center.

Working together to get to the REAL root of the problem allows us to create and provide the right solution.

You can have the best looking website in the world but if it does not solve your specific business problem it can be a huge waste of time.

An approachable, can-do attitude yields the best results for my clients and makes the process enjoyable for everyone.

Kaizen - Change for the better​

Kaizen is actually a Japanese term that means “Change for the better” or “continuous improvement”. This is the philosophy that Kaizen Media is built on.

Every decision made and every line of code written comes back to this philosophy that every small improvement is changing things for the better and in a positive way.

Combining this with attention to detail allows us to give our clients the best results we can.

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Our Process

Straightforward, transparent and collaborative. These are the 3 pillars that our processes are shaped around. Improving our process each time we do a project involves reflecting on past projects and looking at the things that could have gone better.

The more streamlined the process the better the results can be, so we work hard to ensure we are doing what is necessary and doing it well.

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